Overview of site..
playable trail, route through planting
adrift at sea and a place to picnic?
playable route on the 'groynes'
planting the final bed
the Sea Bass port hole
An overview of the playground
Modelled on the seasoning sheds, the bespoke huts integrate climbing, a hammock, pole and slide
Designed for challenging climbing and to experience the thrill of the view from above
Hand activated water pump with pulley, channels and dams
Technical drawing for rope pod seats, using rope made in the historic rope works on site
The rope pod seat set on paving with cast ropes and animal prints
Dry river bed with farm inspired resin insets into timber walls
Stepping stones across dry river bed
Double slide and climbing wall on timber tree structure
Border swing and timber tree-house structure with ramp access to double slide and reused twin slides
Traditional Toddler springers on mound overlooking the dry river bed
Border swing
Border swing
Timber tree-house structure, built around existing poplars
wheelchair accessible wobbly bridge
linking to structure and bridge
linking to structure and bridge
View over meadow, our rural idyll
Original masterplan with existing park integrated with new play and adjacent farm
How we found the playground
Before and after, view from farm looking towards band of poplars
View across entrance court with new planting, cycle racks and relocated seating
Screen as back drop to new entrance court, with metal en-scribed circle in ground
Trying out boules on the new boules court
Margaret at the opening admiring the new gates incorporating her artwork
New entrance gates, design using artwork from workshop at local sheltered housing
Making the mould for paving slab 'earth', a series themed earth wind water and air
Workshop for paving slabs
Before tarmac wasteland and after new entrance court with screen and square of box headed limes
New balance route
New balance route
opens up an unused space and provides a sneaky access into the back of the playground
Design development
Design development
early plans for expanding area of playground, removing railings and introducing informal seating
Design development_2
Design development_2
balance route with new opening to bring unused grass triangle into play
Bug Wall ideas for gate infil
Bug Wall ideas for gate infil
bug wall with options for micro library and blackboard
Bug  Wall Ideas
Bug Wall Ideas
alternative wall with view from across park and prospective planting

Harrow Road Park:

Our adventure on the high seas. Redesign of playground with integrated access from children's centre. We created a new story with playable routes throughout the site, and the centre piece the Sea Bass, from the Essex Marshes, now ready to board. (Boat and adaptations sourced, designed and installed with APES Ltd).


The final planting bed included edible fruit and herbs.

Chatham Historic Dockyard: new playground with bespoke equipment inspired by the dockyard beyond. Our play huts are designed with the proportions of the seasoning sheds, with integrated ropes made in the ropesheds. We have hoops with measured properties from the submarine hatches - to practise swinging through. Varying ropes from site are cast into the concrete with animal prints inspired from HMS Ocelot and other dockyard related animals.

Skeltons Lane Park: our rural idyll in the city. We imagined climbing trees and overlooking the river on a summer's day. Our scheme created a dry river bed with stepping stones, timber structures in the trees and bespoke inclusive equipment, and some catalogue items too. We integrated the new play area into the whole park, set out an entrance square with a shelter (including a bat tower) and  raised the paddock so that the grazing farm animals could be on view. Bespoke Timber play structures by Apes at Play Ltd.

Abbotts Park: inspired by the local history of the priory ground and medieval gardens:  the expanse of tarmac was laid out with four courts, the entrance, the boules court, the table tennis and a seating court. The entrance court is demarcated by box headed limes and the screen with the circle of clouds set in the ground plane.

Art workshops with local pensioners developed the designs for the screen, groundplane and gates. Inset motifs based on earth, air, fire and water  were made by children and inset around trees.

Luxmore Gardens:  creating a wider play experience by opening up new playable entrances and expanding play offer for older children. The organic fencing topped with stag oak and the solid two way seating are designed to integrate with the wider park.

Completed as design and build with APES Ltd

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